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On September 18, the Path of  exile and the heist began. The unveiling of the "Ocean Eleven" has caused a lot of questions from the community, because the content displayed is quite different from the usual gameplay. When a robber breaks into a building, we must be careful not to sound the alarm, otherwise the valuable treasure may escape and we will lose our lives. Does this make ARPG an invisible emulator that no longer allows us to let go? The developer has given all the clear requirements in the FAQ of "Liga ... more
Grinding Gear Games is the latest developer to offer special Twitch Prime loot. Anyone with a subscription service bundled with Amazon Prime (about six months later) can request protection of POE Currency. "Rocket League" and "Borderland 3" used to associate player accounts with the services provided by developers, specifically various decorations and decals. Although this is not the most popular item, its role is unique. Royal purple that looks deep is a color and aesthetic that is difficult to properly match many tit... more